Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Miss this Free Community Event this Weekend in Evanston!

It seems there is always something fun to do in Evanston, which is why many are drawn to settling down in this North Chicago city!  Whether you enjoy living on a quiet street in Evanston in a beautiful historic home, or you love being in the midst of it all in your renovated downtown Evanston condo; there’s something for everyone!
One way to really experience the lively Evanston community is by attending the Evanston CommUNITY Picnic this Sunday, August 28th from noon-5pm in Ingraham Park.  Join other Evanstonians in this free event that encourages a deeper unity within the Evanston community!  
There are variety of local Evanston businesses that have donated time and funds in order to make the CommUNITY Picnic happen.  It’s this type of committment to a stronger community that lends to the character of Evanston.  In visiting Evanston, you’ll sense there’s something unique going on even if you can’t put your finger on what exactly it is.  This continual focus on community and providing a richly diverse, cultured, artistic and vibrant environment in which to live flows from the leadership and businesses within the city.  And it’s this energy that creates a dynamic atmosphere to its residents.
If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and want to experience the Evanston commUNITY, don’t miss out on this special event!  Bring your family, friends and neighbors or get to know new neighbors this Sunday.  Free burgers, hot dogs, sausage, popcorn, frozen custard, snow cones and more is just one reason to venture to the CommUNITY picnic!  Here are a few highlights on what will be taking place:
Live Music:
- Evanston’s Got Talent performers
- The I Ching Quartet
- Evanston North Shore Community Ensemble
Dance &Movement:
- The Jesse White Tumblers
- Line Dance Divas
- Belizean/ Garifuna Dance Group
- 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament
- Balloon Art
- Dunk Tank
- Kid’s Corner
- Backpacks
- School Supplies
- CFL Lighbulbs
- Gift Certificates
Don’t miss out on this fun and free Evanston event!  You’ll find yourself discovering what makes Evanston such a great place to live.
If you have questions about living in Evanston or are interested in looking at homes that are currently on the Evanston Real Estate market, please let me know.  I’d be happy to talk with you about buying a home in Evanston!

Judy Newton
Your Evanston Real Estate Expert
Coldwell Banker

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 Great Reasons Your Smaller Evanston Home or Condo Will Sell!

Selling your Evanston home can seem like an overwhelming task in today’s buyers market.  While this North Chicago suburb is widely popular for its ideal location, vibrant community, renewed downtown environment, great school system and year round events, there are still new homes coming on the Evanston Real Estate market each week and the competition to sell can be daunting.
You may feel as well that, because you are trying to sell your condo or cozy home; buyers will be less likely to want to invest in a smaller space.  However, there’s good news!  Many people are seeing the benefit downsizing and your beautifully renovated downtown condo, or your quaint home on one of Evanston’s tree lined streets may be just the thing they’re seeking.
Whether or not the buyer is specifically for a cozy atmosphere, you’ll want to be sure to highlight the pros of owning a smaller Evanston home.  Here are four that are sure to stand out to buyers:
1. Lower Costs- Not only will buyers save money by heating or cooling a smaller space, the property taxes on a home could be less too!  Your Evanston Real Estate agent can be sure to highlight these cost saving facts to potential buyers.
2. Easier Maintenance- This is especially true if a buyer is looking at an Evanston condo as the maintenance is taken care of!  For those who are downsizing from a larger home with an equally large yard, they’ll appreciate the fact that their time spend mowing and maintaining repairs on a larger home will be cut in half.
3. Eco-Friendly- Evanston is a community that’s very in tune with their environmental impact.  Lower energy usage on a smaller space is bound to make many buyers feel good about their purchase.  If your home features energy efficient lighting, heating system or anything else that’s “green,” be sure to tell your Evanston Real Estate agent so they can point it out to buyers.
4. It IS Enough Space- Many buyers who are rethinking their choice for a big home need to see that moving into a cozier environment truly does offer enough space.  Be sure to de-clutter your home and let natural light come pouring in as this will give the idea of an open and larger atmosphere.  
These four pros of buying a smaller Evanston home or condo are sure to make your space stand out!  Of course Evanston offers a very walkable and unique community which can also take the attention off of the size of your home.
If you have questions about selling your Evanston home or condo, or are ready to jump into the home selling process; please let me know!  I’d love to tell you about my extensive marketing plan and how we can get your home sold quickly and efficiently... no matter how “cozy” it is!

Judy Newton
Your Evanston Real Estate Expert
Coldwell Banker

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Creating the Perfect Fit for Your Evanston Home!

Homes in Evanston, IL come in all styles and sizes from sprawling turn of the century houses to renovated downtown condos!  If you are considering a move to Evanston, you’ll be faced with the decision of determining which size home and style will best fit your needs, budget and lifestyle.
If you are moving into a larger home or buying your first home in Evanston, factor in the additional costs for buying furniture that will fit your new home.  This is oftentimes an expense that isn’t taken into account when buying a new home, but it is important to be aware of the costs of furniture.  
Downsizing?  Think through the main pieces of furniture you’ll want to keep and that fit the style of your new Evanston home.  The Keep Evanston Beautiful website has a list of places you can drop off items that you want to recycle.  This is a great way to give back to the community with an eco-friendly approach! 
Whatever the size of your new Evanston home, below are some great tips for creating a space that fits!

Assess Furniture Size: Before you buy a home or buy new furniture for your new Evanston home, assess the size of your furniture to see how it will fit in your new space. 
Room Mapping: Again, before buying furniture for a new home or even buying a home in Evanston, be sure to map out where your new or existing furniture would be placed within the room. More is not always better and being willing to pare down to the main pieces you would like to highlight can create a better flow in the room and give the appearance of more space.
Storage Smarts: If you are looking at a renovated Evanston condo, you may have to compromise on things like storage space. Luckily, there are many options today for furniture that doubles as storage such as benches that open up as storage bins, beds that contain pull out drawers, etc…  Creative solutions can make any space work!
Stashed Away: Whether a closet or pantry is big or small, there are options for adding shelving and other features that allow you to get the most return on your space. However, if it seems that what you need to store is simply not going to work; reassess your items. This may be an ideal time to go through your items and see what you really use and what can be donated. Going through older or unused items before a move or just after moving into a new place is a great feeling as a new home offers a new start.

These quick tips should help you determine your spacing needs as you move into your new Evanston home!  If you have questions about finding a home in Evanston, or would like to look at some of the homes or condos currently on the Evanston Real Estate market; let me know!  I’d be happy to show you around and help you find your ideal home in Evanston.
Contact me today to get started!

Judy Newton
Your Evanston Real Estate Expert
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Enjoy Evanston's Vibrant Community this Week!

Living in Evanston, IL means having the opportunity to take part in its’ vibrant North Shore community lifestyle.  Just north of downtown Chicago, Evanston has a laid back feel, but offers an array of events, activities, restaurant options, live music, festivals and much more throughout the year.  If you’re hoping to move to Evanston to find a quiet neighborhood with beautiful historic homes; you’ll find what you’re looking for.  And if you’re relocating to Evanston for its culture and active lifestyle; you’ll be just as pleased.  
Evanston’s well-rounded approach to life has attracted many to finding a home and settling down in this great community.  As an Evanston Real Estate agent, I can attest that living and working in Evanston has been a decision that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed for over twenty years!  If you’re considering moving to Evanston, you may want to get a taste of the community through the events taking place this weekend.  Or, if you’re a current Evanston resident, you’ll want to check out what’s going on in your city over the next few days.
National Night Out
Tuesday, August 2 from 6-9pm
- National Night Out is a way for cities across the country to show their unity against crime and drugs.  Evanston residents are encouraged to gather with neighbors and host a block party or cookout to promote unity, crime watch and a stronger community.  You can even have a parade on your street, a flashlight walk, sponsor a youth drug and crime free activity or anything else you can think of to show that Evanston is taking a stand.  You can view more information about the National Night Out on the City of Evanston’s website
Family Focus Fest
Saturday, August 6 at 11am
- Join in the fun of music, dancing and food at this weekend’s Family Focus Fest!  Family Focus Fest in Evanston is a safe place where families can receive support and get involved in various programs.  This environment gives hope to families that need help, mentorship and also help children grow to become more independent.  Everyone is invited to join in this annual celebration!
Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival
Dawes Park
Sheridan Rd at Church St
Saturday & Sunday, August 6 & 7 from 11am-6pm
- You don’t want to miss out on the annual Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival!  Since 1973, this festival has been a favorite of Evanston residents as it allows for a chance to meet local artisans, musicians, food vendors and to hang out with neighbors, family and friends.  This year is highlighted by live jazz and classical music, the Children’s Craft tent, a silent art auction and much more!  
Whether you choose to attend one, or all, of these events I hope you have an opportunity to take part in what makes Evanston a great place to live.  If you have questions about buying a home in Evanston or are ready to begin your Evanston home search; please let me know!  I’d be happy to show you around and help you find the home that best fits your needs and lifestyle.
I look forward to meeting you!

Judy Newton
Your Evanston Real Estate Expert
Coldwell Banker